What makes a good CGI

When producing an architectural visualisation of residential property, we understand the key messages that the image should convey. For example, impressive views across a skyline, enhanced daylighting, impressive finishes.

Residential/Property CGI: also benefit from ‘dressing’ or accessories, which hint at the lifestyle that comes with the featured apartment or home. Adding these accessories to computer generated imagery needs careful thought. We model individual Residential CGI  for the coffee table, throws for the bed, flower arrangements and of course each stitch in each cushion, with fabrics to match the interior designer’s specification. This level of detail, transforms architectural illustrations into marketing material to embrace the audience and help them feel at home.

External computer generated imagery: serves other purposes. For planning purposes, the views are usually raw or untouched. i.e. no trickery and just as the eye would see the view in the street. Architectural illustrations tend to be naked, without people or clutter.

Residential/Property CGIs for marketing: tend to be more adventurous;
• varying times of day to accentuate the architecture
• People to attract the desired audience, families, retired, first-time homeowners etc.
• Cars to illustrate success, people carriers to symbolize a family market.
• Balcony views, to sell valuable external residential space

To help you and your team consider the brief we have put together come client guides to prompt ideas and save you time and money.