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H4Group are Experts in Architectural Visualisation, Architectural Rendering Architectural Illustration and CGI Animation

H4Group is a UK based Company offering high quality 3D architectural visualisation and architectural illustration for architects. Our team consists of highly skilled professional who produces photo-realistic architectural visualisation and CGI's for residential, industrial and offices.
Our main objective is to create CGI animation in a realistic way and promote our customer business. Our aim is to produce convincing and captivating architectural rendering to generate real-time virtual environments of any property designs.
H4Group is the most experienced CGI studio in UK and have 36 years of experience in the world of architects design. Our this period we worked on several projects and produced thousand of 3D photo-montage and videos.


H4 CGI Delivery

H4 provides architectural rendering property renderings, architectural visualisation, 3D modelling, and computer generated animation. Otherwise known as computer generated imaging or CGI.

Our production follows a step by step process to help you get the right look and feel for every CGI we produce. We deliver to tight deadlines using a combination of our unrivalled capacity and careful project management. We operate 24/7, provided we get your instructions by close of play, we are on it while you sleep.


H4 CGI WOW the audience

We offer a range of computer generated flythroughs,CGI animation or fully scripted video film presentations to tell the right story.

We will help you script the right presentation - to the right audience -in the right auditorium. Planning applications differ from marketing presentations, viewing on a smartphone differs from viewing in a trade fair or public exhibition in the village hall. To recognise this we focus on the story and how best to tell the story, decide on the best format to present with, consider the visual and audio treatments and then, and only then, do we start production.


H4 CGI Return on investment:

Our work has featured on: the BBC, Sky News, M6, The Times, The Telegraph, The Evening Standard, Estates Gazette, Property Week, Planning Weekly and many more. There is no doubt, editors love CGIs to enhance their content and keep their readers engaged.


H4 20 Years of CGI Experience

We started the business in 1996, had the vision to start a studio in China in 2000 and have been leading the way forward in architectural rendering property renderings, architectural visualisation, 3D modelling, and computer generated animation.


H4 CGI Pricing

We offer extremely competitive prices for all architectural visualisation with no compromise in the quality of the final CGI. 99% of our prices are fixed, based on what see and our 20 years’ experience, we work out what the best approach given the design information you have, the subjective risk in the final view (artistic licence) we can recommend various ways forward.

Our 3d CGI model library is vast, of course if we do not have a model in stock, we build it bespoke, by hand to your specifications, photos or hand sketch on a serviette.

Once we get to know how your team works, we are able to offer handsome loyalty discounts. We do not buy work in, by undercutting competitors only to surprise clients with increased costs or reduced quality, we like to build long term relationships and become valuable part of your team.


36 years of experience in the world of property

Our passion for film and CGI started from managing and redeveloping Curzon Cinemas. Guy Middleton, the founder of H4 went onto to work for Mayfair Entertainment, Ambassador Theatre Group, The Royal Festival Hall, The Globe Theatre, The Royal Court Theatre, The Donmar Warehouse and many other Arts Venues. That misspent youth in the projection rooms and backstage, meant that when CGI technology arrived, Guy saw the opportunity to blend technology and art to create eye-catching imagery and film for the world of property. We speak your language and understand your goals. As Chartered Surveyors and Environmental Engineers we take the headache out of reading drawings, finishes schedules and product specifications and we transform your great designs into works of art.