Planning Services

Local objectors have become more organized and more vocal, than the village hall meetings of years ago in architectural rendering.

Each planning application gives rise to a protracted design and hefty tomes for the authorities to comprehend. Potential objectors pick through, desperately trying to justify one of the following grounds to object;

Adverse effect on the residential amenity of neighbors (once complete not during construction)

  • noise,
  • disturbance,
  • overlooking,
  • loss of privacy,
  • overshadowing, etc.

• Unacceptably high density / overdevelopment of the site

Visual impact of the development

• Effect of the development on the character of the neighborhoods

• Design (including bulk and massing, detailing and materials, if these form part of the application)

• The proposed development is over-bearing, out-of-scale or out of character in terms of its appearance compared with existing development in the vicinity

• The loss of existing views from neighboring properties would adversely affect the residential amenity of neighboring owners


Product launches have become a piece of theatre, carefully orchestrated to Wow the audience. The presentations that help to launch a new phone, software upgrade, car or fashion collection can afford to be wild, creative and sexy. Planning applications may not lend themselves to the same razzmatazz but they are open for more criticism. Worse still the criticism is not just by seasoned art or culture critics but fuelled by passionate, local semi-professional objectors. The resulting delay to the planning process, costs money!

We believe that by carefully telling the story, with the right visuals, commentary, talking heads, there is an opportunity to tell the story, in different ways, to different audiences. Presentations to planning authorities are different to presentations to the neighbors'.

To this we sit with your planning consultants, discuss the likely objectives and then respond with a story board to produce a short documentary. We offer a full range of live filming, CGI, graphic and sound together with full AV show suite design and construction.

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