Office CGI

Architectural Visualisation: of offices have to tell different stories.

Exterior CGI:

External office CGI  and expression of each material needs careful modelling in 3d, with each brick, slab of stone or curtain walling system detailed accurately. Cheating with Photoshop will not bring out the best in the design, unless the idea is to play down the detail until a later stage e.g. planning consent is obtained.

Double height entrances, to impressive potential tenants.

Stunning landscape, with each plant type and tree modelled in 3d. That’s right we take your landscape design and model each plant to the designer’s specification. The same applies to the hard landscaping.

Internal CGI:

Office CGI is used to help explain the key features of the space;
• Column free floor plates
• Floor to ceiling glazing
• Sympathetic lighting and ceiling grids
• Impressive lobby and detailed finishes
• Landlords finishes
• Tenants possible space plans with furniture

Property Visualisation: Most developers have learned the power of computer generated imagery and the importance of top quality property CGIs to illustrate the key features of a design and capture and retain and prospective occupier’s imagination.

To help you and your team consider the brief we have put together come client guides to prompt ideas and save you time and money.