The letterbox gives us, on its worst day, bills, junk mail and heat loss, and on its best day maybe a birthday card or a tax rebate.

If you’re receiving anything larger than an envelope or a pizzeria flyer, the letterbox fails to perform. The UPS courier is forced to return to base if no-one’s home, and arrange a return trip. Or the recipient is forced to arrange collection themselves, which will facilitate an unwanted journey. Fuel is wasted… time is wasted… all of which is unquestionably unsustainable.

As online shopping becomes more and more commonplace, modern living demands a more versatile solution – one that guarantees security, avoids abortive journeys and makes sure deliveries reach their destination each time, no matter the size. Who is responsible for the design and specification of the letterbox? Is it the architect, the developer, or the builder? Re-designing the letterbox is a simple step that could make a huge cumulative cost saving for businesses and individuals. New EU legislation for re-design could help economies focus on and fix this simple yet prevalent problem.

A new minimum size will call for increased technology to secure the aperture and connect to the home network to track and acknowledge deliveries. Add a minimum U-value of 2.2 W/m2 and our front doors may never look the same again.

Guy Middleton is the founder and CEO of H4 Group. He established a CGI studio in China in 2000, ‘transforming great designs into works of art.’ Guy retains daily involvement with his studio in China and continues to act as a consultant in the UK on property, particularly buildings that house parts of the creative world.

Clients include: Curzon Cinemas, Ambassador Theatre Group, The Soho Theatre, The Donmar Theatre, The Globe, The Bush, The Royal Festival Hall and The Royal Court Theatre.