5 reasons why Architects should go home on Friday Afternoon

Time pressure leads to rapid design development and pressure on fees, and can lead to reduced supervision and cookie cut design. The fortunate practices hold their ground, while others, in some cases far more passionate […]

Cracking Creativity in China Part II

In my previous blog, I explored some of the opportunities that may develop now that China’s creative industry is gaining a larger presence on the global stage, through the growth of companies such as DJI, […]

Is the Letterbox fit for purpose ?

The letterbox gives us, on its worst day, bills, junk mail and heat loss, and on its best day maybe a birthday card or a tax rebate.

If you’re receiving anything larger than an envelope or […]

History repeats itself when it comes to saving the high street

When I was a development surveyor, whilst working on a project refitting an office, I managed to rescue a set of planning journals from the skip. One of them made intriguing reading.

According to the Journal […]

Cracking Creativity in china

The time is right for the Creative Industry in China to enter the global stage

The financial markets are attempting to get to grips with the slowdown of China’s economy. Most commentators point to the halt […]